This is a way to intentionally combine generations together in mutual learning and sharing to help us live out being the body of Christ to each other and out in the community even when we are in a pandemic!

Check out the virtual campsite above for activities.

We are planning  a virtual hike this summer, we’re going to learn amazing stories in the Bible about God’s people and God’s faithfulness. Some of these stories talk about Jesus hiking and walking through towns, by lakes and rivers, out in the wilderness, and more. This summer we’ll hear stories about the people Jesus meets, what he says to them, and what he did. As we hear these stories, we will learn more about how we can live out lives of faith. These Bible stories will help us follow Jesus. 


We will follow a path together to learn about how we can trust God, grow in our faith, and be a community together. While we’re on this trail, we’ll also learn more about following Jesus. We will try to be creative of how we can have safe adventures together. Sometimes the trail may seem challenging, or we might not be sure where we are going. But we will journey on this path—together. Just like it’s important to prepare for a hiking adventure, it’s important for us to prepare for our journey together this summer as we grow in faith.


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