Life Together Again

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Find Community with the Bethel Family

Small Group Gatherings with Pastor Lynne


Pastor Lynne would like to get together with Bethel members in small groups of 6-10 people to learn more about our congregation and how we are sensing God's future for us. We are starting a list of those willing to host a gathering at their home. Please contact Judy Wood or Pastor Lynne if you would like to be added to that list.


Once that list of hosts is determined we will invite Bethel members to come to one of those or to a gathering at the church. We hope as many people as possible will attend to help Pastor Lynne get to know us and to share our hopes and dreams with her!


Faith Formation Devotion Series with Pastor Lynne


Mid-Week Series on Ephesians

July-Aug 2021


The worship lectionary for this summer includes a 7-week journey through Ephesians. This letter celebrates the author’s vision for the church. Each week we will look at these readings through the lens of faith formation.